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(Refurbished) 90 Day Exchange Warranty

  New 16:9 Format  

Motorola HDD200 w/GUI
High Definition Decoder

Now works with 16:9 format. Decode High Definition HBO and Showtime movies and programs when you add this to any 4DTV receiver models. Slide switch on the rear panel changes the format to 480p, 720p, 1080 and Native. Passes AC3 audio when present. Also the lowest price line-doubler available anywhere. One Year Limited Warranty. Receiver Weight: 8 lbs  Before purchasing, please read the TV compatibility statement below.  

 Download the HDD 200 Manual


Sansonic ATSC Hi-Definition Tuner

Valuable Info Below

Click here to go to The National Association of Broadcasters/ DTV Stations to find the digital stations in your area

Beginning February 2009 all broadcasters will discontinue analog transmission of TV signals.  By adding a digital decoder to your current TV set you can  add extra channels  directly to your existing off air TV that you were never aware of !!! Not only does it decode Hi-Def transmissions, it also acts as a line doubler in analog for a significantly clearer picture.  Easy hook up; satellite and cable equipment not required! Go to to find stations broadcasting in your area.


 Hi-Definitition Decoder for use with                    Off Air & your UHF Outside Antenna

Sansonic ATSC Digital Converter box gets you ready for the change-over come February 2009.  You'll be surprised at the number of additional channels that are available using this converter box hooked to analog TV and your off air antenna.

Includes:  Remote control, Audio/Video Cable, AC adapter, Owners Manual


  • Receiving and Presenting Audio/Video Formats Contained in ATSC A/53E
  • Support 4:3 and 16:9 Video Format
  • Process and Display ATSC A/65C Program and System Information Protocol data.
  • Receiving RF Channels 2 through 69 inclusive
  • Include a female 75 ohm F-Type Connector for VHF/UHF Antenna Input.
  • Include a female 75 ohm F-Type Connector with User-selectable Ch3 or 4 NTCS RF Output.
  • Composite Video and Stereo Audio Output.
  • Full Compliant with ATSC A/74, Receiver Performance Guidelines.
  • Support Channel Display, Closed Caption, EAS and Parental Control (V-Chip)
  • Full Compliant with Energy Standards.
  • Display ANT Level and Signal quality on the TV

    Lava Electronics - Off Air Antenna




    Technical Specification:


    2 Bay UHF Antenna



    UHF Television Antenna for Digital & Analog Reception

    *Receives all UHF channels (14-69)
    *Easy Assembly & Installation
    *Outdoor Balun Included

    Typical Sepcifications:

    UHF CHANNEL         14      32     50     69
    Gain                           6        8       9     10 dBd
    3dB Beamwidth        70    60   52    46
    VHF Hi-band Gain   Avg. -8dBd
    Impedance               75 ohms (f-connector)
    VSWR                     Avg. 1.7:1
    Cross Pol                Avg. 23dB

    Download PDF




    New Spin On An Old Technology

    From Eagle Aspen

    One Cable HDTV Rotator

    The new ROTR100 offers single cable control for off air reception. Whether performing a new install or retrofitting an existing antenna system the ROTR100 provides fast and easy installation. Additional features have been added making the entire system installer and user friendly.

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    HDD-200 TV compatibility statement

    Please note that not all HDTV, HDTV compatible or Multi-media televisions are compatible with the HDD-200 High Definition Decoder. For example; if your television has 3 inputs (Y,Pr,Pb), which is the standard COMPONENT 480i/480p for DVD players, then the television and the HDD-200 may be compatible. If the television has 5 inputs (Y/G, Pr/R, Pb/B, H, V), which is the standard DTV 1080i, 720p, 480i, 480p for HDTV receivers, then the television MAY be compatible. If the television has a square plug, then you will need a VGA to Component Video Converter. The company who sells this adapter is Audio Authority (, model number 9A60. After purchasing this converter, the television and the HDD-200 May be compatible. If the television does not have any of the inputs mentioned above, then you will NOT be able to use the HDD-200 without upgrading the television.