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Single Channel Modulators

                                  ASKA  RFDM-1 
Agile  Low  cost  single channel Mono modulator. Modulates a video and left/right audio signal of VCR,  satellite receivers,  security camera,  ect. to a user selected Mono  TV  channel.  Put  your  satellite  signal  or  Camera  on  a free non-adjacent  TV  channel  in  the  UHF  band  or  CATV ULTRA band. Output channel is set by a simple switch. LED channel indicator. Agile design   provides   maximum   flexibility.   Compact   design  for  easy installation.  Modulates  UHF chs14-69  and CATV ULTRA  chs 65-135 (470-860MHz). Eprom channel memory. 

Lower Price $TH.EF  

               Channel Vision CVT  1ub/uhf - II 
Digital RF With  split  TV  bands for  cable channels  59-135 and UHF channels 14-78. PLL crystal controlled oscillator circuitry means set-up is a breeze.  Simply  select  the channel with the push buttons and it's set.  Available with loop through connectors for true stereo audio using an exterior  impedance matching  switch for easy installation.  Full 30+ dBmV output power. LED Channel Display, 2-Year Warranty. Specs in .pdf format


              Cable  Electronics  Theater  1001  AVM 
Digital phase lock loop (PLL) tuning,  120 selectable  channels.  UHF  channels 14-69;  cable  channels  60-94,  100-125. Binary  Code Decimal (BCD) channel  selector for easy tuning. Isolated  right and  left mono inputs improve audio performance. Distributes a high quality audio/video signal to multi-room locations.


              Cable  Electronics  Theater 2000S
Digital phase lock loop (PLL), 125 digitally selectable channels for easy channel tuning. UHF channels 14-69; cable channels 54-94, 100-125. Distributes MTS Stereo Surround Sound, along with a high quality video signal, to multi-room locations. Combines cable and off-air signals. Audio/video loop through. Full channel memory.


Dual Channel Modulator

Channel  Vision  CVT  2ub/uhf -   II   Dual  Stereo
Digital quality, versatility and power at an affordable price. Accepts  two  video  inputs  for  modulation  on  the channels of your choice.  TV  frequency  band  set  via  dip  switches  for  UHF  14-78, Ultraband 59-135 or split band 14-39 and 91-135. External impedance matching switches for each input for true stereo audio.  A full 30+ dB output  provides  a  powerful  signal  for  long  cable runs.  PLL crystal controlled oscillator circuitry. Quick and easy set-up.  2-Year Warranty. This unit has Pass through stereo only. It does not modulate a stereo signal, but it balances it to include all of the audio. specs in .pdf format


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Three Input Modulator

         Channel Vision CVT 3ub/uhf 
All of the features of the CVT 2ub/uhf - II but with three video inputs for three modulated channels. Full 30+dBmV Output, Split Band UHF (14-78) Cable (59-135), Impedance Matching Switch (75 or 1K ohm), PLL Crystal Controlled Oscillator , 2-Year Warranty.
specs in .pdf format


Orders Placed before 2pm CST will ship the same day!

Stereo to Mono Modulator

                     ASKA RFDM-3 
Modulates a video and left/right audio signal of VCR, satellite receivers, Security camera, ect. to a user selected TV channels. 3 channel input Mono Modulator intended for non-adjacent placement of modulated channels in any channel free area of the UHF band or CATV ULTRA band. The Agile design provides maximum flexibility. Combined stereo input to Mono. Eprom channel memory, Output level -Full 40 dBmV. Covers UHF Ch. 14-69, CATV ULTRA Ch.65-135. LED channel display



Distribution Amp

Channel Vision - CVT-38BID

RF Distribution Amp  Features

  • Output Level 50dBmV  (2chs,spurs -55 dBC)

  • Freq.   54-1000 MHz

  • Bi-Directional

  • Return Path  5-42MHz

  • Gain Stage - Push Pull Hybrid 36dB (54-550 MHz

  • Gain   38dB (550-1000 MHz)

  • Interactive use with cable boxes

  • Gain Control  0-20 dB

  • Tilt Control    0-20dB

  • Return Loss  8dB

  • Insertion Loss  <5dB

  • Input Output Impedance   75ohm, Test Points  -20dB

  • F Connector

  • Power Supply  110V AC internal

  • Power Consumption  20W

  • AC Fuse  1A

  • Dimension  8.5w x 2.25h x 5d inches

Tech Note: When combined with an external splitter use 75ohm termination on unused ports. Cable modems should be fed from a splitter ahead of the CVT-38BID for best performance.



The newest high gain RF Amp by CV. More power and full support of bi-directional return path for use w/interactive digital CATV systems. Amplifies both off air and CATV, includes variable attenuation to reduce overdrive, and tilt compensation to allow proper system balance



Signal Combiners

Signal Combiner

High quality six-stage bandpass and bandstop filters with adjustable balancing attenuators


ASC-3 - For Channel 3
ASC-4 - For Channel 4


Amplified Signal Combiner

Built-in UHF/VHF amplifier for 15 dB Gain at ANT input which is able to compensate for any loss from long run of coax cable or any other facts where signal amplification is required. With this ASC-3A and ASC-4A, there are no need for additional UHF/VHF amplifiers for where need long run cable or in weak off-air signals area.

ASC-3A - For Channel 3 Amplified Combiner

ASC-4A - For Channel 4 Amplified Combiner


Most Orders Placed before 2pm CST will ship the same day!

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